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The Webster Technique


The Webster technique aims to balance and re-align the bones in the pelvis and sacral area to create optimal space for the baby to drop into the birth canal.  The technique also allows the pregnant person to maintain a level of comfort throughout her pregnancy by improving the biomechanics of the spine, pelvis, and sacrum 


Muscles that attach to the Pelvic bones can contribute to the misalignments mentioned.  We target the piriformis and hip flexors among other muscles in the lower abdomen and pelvis.  The uterus itself is also a muscle that is influenced by the nerves in the spine all of which are addressed using the Webster Technique


The uterus is attached to the pelvis by the round ligament. Assessing and treating this ligament is one of the most important parts of the Webster Technique.  Releasing the ligament where it is tight can allow for equal tension on the uterine muscle, allowing for adequate space for baby to find his or her optimal position.  

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