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Wellness Services

Osteopath at Work

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is geared toward patients who's symptoms have a more complicated underlying cause.  While Western medicine and primary care focus on one symptom to one diagnosis, Functional Medicine takes into account the whole person, and how multiple lifestyle factors can contribute to the patient's individual presentation. Learn more about Functional Medicine.

Mother and Baby in Autumn

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Casey's approach to Chiropractic Care is unique to the profession.  She utilizes only evidence-based techniques, and ensures her patients feel better more quickly than at other offices.  She spends time to truly understand the condition, uses a multi-faceted approach to improve patient's musculoskeletal conditions.

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Pregnancy, Pediatric, and Post-Partum

The process of pregnancy and birth is something that changes a woman forever.  With new technologies and exposures, children are suffering from more complex issues than in past generations.  Dr. Casey's gentle approach to chiropractic, and her "less-is-more" approach to pediatric functional medicine has earned her great trust in her community among this demographic.

More Services

Sports Injury Recovery


Dry Needling

The Webster Technique

Mercier Therapy

McKenzie Therapy

Passive Modalities Service

Normatec Compression

Kinesio Tape


We also offer Fullscript Professional Grade Supplements

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