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9200 W Cross Drive

Suite 202

Littleton, CO 80123




Monday - Friday 8am -- 6pm

Saturday 9am - 1 pm

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Chiropractic Care

Initial Visit (includes exam, and first treatment) $120

Follow-up treatments $60 each

We are an in-network provider with most major insurance plans. While insurance does not yet recognize the benefits of Functional Medicine, many insurance plans will cover Chiropractic care after deductibles are met. We will be happy to check and review your chiropractic benefits with you either before or on your first visit.  

Acupuncture Initial Visit (includes first treatment) $120 • Follow-up Treatments $85 each

Dry Needling Initial Visit (includes first treatment) $120 • Follow-up Treatments $60 each

Functional Medicine

Initial Consult (15 minutes) Complimentary

Initial Visit (60-75 minutes) $225

Report of findings (60-75 minutes) $225

Follow-up visits (30 minutes) $125 each

Comprehensive lab report $375

Specialty Labs-Genova, DUTCH, Great Plains, CYREX any many other specialty labs are available upon request: Prices vary depending on the test ordered and prices will always be outlined before any labs are ordered or payments are made.

These prices are reflective of individual sessions. Dr. Casey works on a case-fee basis, and new patients will be required to enter into a full-spectrum treatment plan for their first 4-6 months depending on the severity of the problem. The total for this program will be outlined in the report of findings visit after patient health history has been collected, and labs have been ordered.  

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